this is happening

Believe it or not, Blake turned 2 months old on Thursday. Whaaa? I know- where in the world did the time go! This is my first go around with this "growing up fast" thing, so for all you pros out there, you understand. But I'm still like.. whaaa...?
He basically rocks at being a baby. I'm convinced #2 will be a devil child. Isn't that how the cards usually deal out? But seriously... he's already great at holding his head up and we rarely do tummy-time (whoops!) and look at this:

Totally into that book. Matt read him The Little Engine That Could. He did a hilarious job reading it and Blake was into it.

Sweet memories, my friends, sweet.

love and quit growing Blake! (but actually don't stop- that could cause problems),


Quiet Moments

At this time three weeks ago I was pregnant. Eternally pregnant, I thought. Did you feel that way? I think every woman gets to that point where you're thinking "Um... I think I'm going to be this way forever".

I was finished with nursery projects. I had washed baby clothes. I was already reading books to Baby. The hardest part was- I was looking at all this stuff... and it was empty. An empty swing, crib, car seat. We had been anticipating our first born for what felt like forever already, and we could hardly wait another day.

We waited 6 more days to be exact. Actually, it was more like 8 days. But contractions started the party on Friday at 2am. 46 hours later, our beloved Blake Matthew graced us with his presence.The best Mother's Day present ever.

It seems like there should be more to be said. But that's what I'm figuring out in this parenting thing. There are so many words in the unspoken moments. I could hold Blake all day, not say a thing, and feel like I've expressed anything and everything I'd ever wanted to tell him. I know at some point, I'll actually have to do that. Teach him, and bring him up in the ways of the Lord. But for now, I love the quiet moments. In the middle of the day, late at night... and really early morning. I am breathing in the quiet moments as if each one will be my last. (From what I hear, they grow up fast)

Blake- you take my breath away. You make me cry for no reason. You are perfect to me. I love you.


Recent Randoms

Ok you guys. I've been absent. Like in more than a physical way... My mind is in a lot of different places these days. And rightfully so in my opinion. As I'm sure you all know (from my crazy amount of posts and pictures on the matter) that I'm due with Baby numero uno in a short enough time to have me frantic. 

I mean, Baby could come today, and I'd have enough things to make it for a while... We'd be ok. But there's all those other totally unrelated things that I need want done. 

Anyway, here's a glimpse of what's been keeping me busy...

 Baby showers to die for.

 Bridal shower celebrations for a dear friend.

Crying at random things like this. (seriously, I had a meltdown)

And counting the days, duh. 

love and brain overload,


a warehouse + museum

I am the oldest of four. And I was beyond thrilled to learn that my brother (next in line) was shopping for rings for one sweet girl that we all loved! This past weekend they tied the knot- and it was perfect and so fitting of their styles and personalities. That's how weddings should be, don't you think?

I had tons of fun spending Thursday evenings with Kayla planning, creating, sewing and brainstorming. I LOVE weddings, and pretty much all that they entail.

We made lots of banners and chalkboards.

The reception was held in an art museum- so unique and cool.

And of course, an awesome photo booth.

 I was in the Bridal Party- making it a little harder to get lots of pictures. But these are my favorites.

Aren't they to-die-for-sweet?! Who couldn't love love after this?!

 And we got some fun photo booth pictures :)

It was SO fun to have some cousins {that we love and adore} there to celebrate with!

I love you, Ross + Kayla, and am praying God's blessing over your union! 


 love & happily ever after,


ruts & stuff

You guys. I've been in such a weird rut. What happened to all those things that said the second trimester of pregnancy is supposed to be blissful and energetic?!

My cool brother is getting married in 2 weeks. Ah! He's all grown up! Also, I'm in the wedding. I found this dress...

So amazing right? Yeah... it was not accommodating to my baby belly. Sad day. However, becuase I ordered from ModCloth {they're also cool}, I got this sweet little head wrap as a free gift.

Call me Aunt Jamima!

love & I need more motivation stat!


Ringing in the New Year

I've been thinking about this New Year's stuff all day. Hearing all about people resolutions... or how they don't believe in having any. And I seem to feel differently every year. Last year I made a resolution to make pies. And I did it! And it was fun!

But today instead of a resolution, I had a realization. A little thing called a baby. Yeah, cuz I'll have one of those in a few months... and keeping up with anything is to unknown for me. And no one wants to fail at their resolutions. So instead I've decided to make myself a to-do list. One I'll enjoy checking off, and one that I can take my time checking off throughout the year.

A project to-do list. Here are a few things I've pinned {you can follow me on Pinterest here} that I'd like to actually make. Who's with me? Let's make things in 2013!

This darling fabric pouf. I figure by the end of 2013 it could come in handy. And will be darling in the nursery!
This, my friends, is a diaper clutch. I may have to revamp to fit the cloth diapers we'll be doing.

Cork boards. In the most literal sense. I've been saving corks for.ev.er.

Did you know some places- including Target- actually give you discounts when you bring in your own reusable bags? Win!
I'm finally starting to envision some living room decor including our wedding pics... Love this idea!
Aprons. Cute gifts, cute kitchen decoration, just cute.

So, friends, there you have it. My kind of-kind of not- New Year's resolution!

love & making things is fun AND rewarding!


and this Christmas...

...will be, a very-merry Christmas.

And that it was. I love Christmas. A lot. And didn't mind one bit that we had four of them this year. We spend Christmas Eve making memories with my husband's wonderful family. Christmas Day it was my family's turn, and we hosted! Matt and I both really love hosting, and realized after the day was over that we are going to need a larger dwelling place in order to continue doing so comfortably. Especially with Baby on the way :)

We all know that with Christmas, comes gifts. Giving and receiving. And I know everyone loves to do both. But I really LOVE giving. The spending time searching for just the right thing, or making just the right thing, is so fun for me every year. I also LOVE wrapping gifts... but that's a whole other blog post.

This year my mom wanted to do something special with her gift giving. My parents divorced this past year, and she wanted to make sure we got a few of the things that made our house a home for the many years we were all under the same roof. The gifts brought back memories for all of us, and some tears as we realized this meant the house would never be the same. But it really made for a good Christmas.

 My hubby also got me some really awesome things... Seriously. The pictures probably don't do justice, but know this. I was so blessed this year by his thoughtfulness. And hope everyone had those feelings while precious time was spent with loved ones.

Here's to a million more!

love & fur,