Where He guides, He provides!

This view is from the yard, our front door.

This is my new house! (view from the sidewalk)

So, I've been in Colorado now for a little more than a week, most of that time spent with the extended fam I have here. I moved into my new house on Sunday night, and have been loving it! Of course it was hard to say goodbye to my sister Christiana, who had to stay in Aberdeen, and of course my mom and dad, and little brother Corbin, who brought me down here. But once I got here, and started uppacking- which took forever it seemed like!- it was really great!
I've been able to see God work in so many ways since being here, and that hasn't even been for that long! For those of you who don't know why I'm here; my two-year commitment with YWAM Honolulu was up this past February, and I just really felt like the Lord was calling me out of YWAM for a season. I also felt like i wanted to take this time and really get on my own two feet in areas of my life that I can't do as well living in community... or living with my parents. (Hence the reason I'm not just in South Dakota). I have a long-time good friend that goes to school here in Lakewood, CO and decided to move in with her, and three other girls! Who are all great, by the way!
But back to the ways I've seen God move... (these are my favorite things to share with people!) A week ago today (Friday) I went with my mom and dad to Salvation Army to try and find a bed, since I didn't have one coming here. Well luck was on our side when we found what seemed to be pretty brand new looking twin mattress and box spring. It was $95, which doesn't count as a Salvation Army deal to me, but I needed a bed and had the money so I bought it! We put it on hold and told them we would be back the next day to pick it up. I was thrilled at my purchase, and felt "all grown up" for just buying a BED! haha. So Saturday rolls around, and we're planning on moving my stuff into my new house, so my dad goes to pick up the new bed. Well, he gets to SA and someone had ripped off the 'hold' tag, and it had been sold right from under my feet! Luckily I had my receipt and was refunded all my money. I probably don't have to tell you that I was really upset, and even cried over it. But I just knew that God must not want me to pay that much for a bed. He was wanting me to trust Him even for something as small and petty as a bed. It was hard, but SO worth it. The next day at church I was introduced to a couple that... HAD A BED FOR ME! FOR FREE!!! Praise God!
My next big worry was not having a job. And without a car, it's kind of hard to get around. I mean, yes they have a bussing system, but it's always going to be easier to just drive yourself. I went ahead and applied online for an opening at Whole Foods Market. I know all ya'll don't know what that is, so let me tell you. It's a health foods store, the size of a regular grocery store. Make sense? Ok, so the cut off for them accepting applications was Tuesday. So I figure that I'll have to wait until after Tuesday, IF I'm even going to hear anything. Well, we shouldn't be suprised, because it's totally God, but Tuesday morning I get a call, and to make a long story short-ish, I have a job interview Monday! Awesome, uh? God's cool! He's provided me with a bed, and possibly a great job, I can't wait to see how and what He provides in the future!