21 Days

Cacey- a roommate of mine, and I have decided that we want to make a few changes in our lives for the better. One of those being spending good, quality time with the Lord each day. Also, we're both trying to learn Spanish, and need to spend more time on that then we currently do. So, starting today, we are making a committment with eachother to do both of these things for 21 days in a row. Hopefully to find truth in the study that shows 21 days of something consistent equals habit. Bring on the Bible and my new best friend, Rosetta, for some well spent time every day. I sure hope this works!!



I have this entire week off from work due to Spring Break. Not really by choice, but it has been nice. Actually, with all the time I've had, I find myself wanting to start all these projects. Either around my house, around Robbin's house (lol) or this huge scrapbooking project I was supposed to already have finished. And yes, it hasn't even been started... all this to say... if money just grew on trees, I would be able to do all these projects, plus some.
I recently stated how i wished money just grew on trees on my facebook status, and these are a few responses people had for me.

Mattias(my friend from Sweden):
im not sure I do. if it did, everyone would stock up buttloads of money, which means their value would drop, and all the prices would increase. so basically the only difference it'd make is that you'd need a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a $1-double cheese burger (how I miss those!)

Holly Guaper(a friend from my DTS' wife; she's now a friend to me)
i bet those trees would be really expensive.

Rebbekka Messenger(Robbin Kelly's cool cousin)
it kinda does grow on trees....

My roommate, Samantha, also said that maybe I should just wish that money grew on one single tree that I own. I think that's the best comment so far :)


"Oh, Oslwald"

Recently in my times with the Lord I've been telling Him about my desire to represent Him in everything I do. Today's reading in 'My Utmost For His Highest" really encouraged me in that desire, and I wanted to share it with you :)

"Preach the word." 2 Tim. 4:2
We are not saved to be "channels only", but to be sons and daughters of God. We are not turned into spiritual mediums, but into spiritual messengers; the message must be part of ourselves. The Son of God was His own message, His words were spirit and life; and as His disciples our lives must be the sacrament of our message. The natural heart will do any amount of serving, but it takes the heart brokenby conviction of sin,and baptized by the Holy Ghost, and crumpled into the purpose of God before the life becomes the sacrament of its message.
There is a difference between giving a testimony and preaching. A preacher is one who has realized the call of God and is determined to use his every power to proclaim God's truth. God takes us out of our own ideas for our lives and we are "batter'd to shape and use", as the disciples were after Pentecost. Pentecost did not teach the disciples anything; it made them the incarnation of what they preached- "Ye shall be witnesses unto Me."
Let God have perfect liberty when you speak. Before God's message can liberate other souls, the liberation must be real in you. Gather your material, and set it alight when you speak.

I pray this encourages you also :)


While we were still in Honduras, Mary Jean had us do a little exercise to help us debrief the trip a little... we were to write down the story we would tell people when they asked how our trip went, or jot down a few memories of what the Lord did. Here is what I had to say...


This trip will be one I look back on in years to come and say, "that's where it all started". It took a few days to figure it out, but Home of Refuge litterally became a place of refuge; to search for what God had brought me here to find.
The first thing being "my shadow". She picked me from day one and would follow me around forever if only i could sew her on to my shoes. Sujapita- a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. So tender and light hearted. I'm not sure if there's a future in our relationship, but i truly believe we found eachother for a reason.
The second thing hasn't been completely found yet. I believe that my time at HOR has been 100% necessary for beginning a new journey with God. I came to Honduras to be with orphans, and hopefully bless Tony and Rosa, however, I now know I came to be with God. I came so I can survive. I'm learning all over again- everthing it feels like. But I am called "chosen" and I'm starting with that.