While we were still in Honduras, Mary Jean had us do a little exercise to help us debrief the trip a little... we were to write down the story we would tell people when they asked how our trip went, or jot down a few memories of what the Lord did. Here is what I had to say...


This trip will be one I look back on in years to come and say, "that's where it all started". It took a few days to figure it out, but Home of Refuge litterally became a place of refuge; to search for what God had brought me here to find.
The first thing being "my shadow". She picked me from day one and would follow me around forever if only i could sew her on to my shoes. Sujapita- a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. So tender and light hearted. I'm not sure if there's a future in our relationship, but i truly believe we found eachother for a reason.
The second thing hasn't been completely found yet. I believe that my time at HOR has been 100% necessary for beginning a new journey with God. I came to Honduras to be with orphans, and hopefully bless Tony and Rosa, however, I now know I came to be with God. I came so I can survive. I'm learning all over again- everthing it feels like. But I am called "chosen" and I'm starting with that.

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  1. Sujipita is your Honduran doppelganger. Maybe not the replica in exact looks (although that is quite an Elise smile on her face!), but she recognized herself in you somehow. I bet God has a similiar call on her life.

    And as far as what God is doing in you? You are not rootless. These times "in between" have not been a time of futility, but rather God doing something below the surface. You are no orphan, my sweet niece, but you are "the planted of the Lord."