Do You See What I See...

Dad, Ross, and Corbin playing board games. Boys only I guess... if you wanna play you have to say "Boys are fantastic, girls are elastic" three times... I'm not too sure being elastic is the insult of the century, but this game is based on a book written in the 30's.
Mom is cleaning... she never rests, I'm convinced. Not even on Christmas Day. Taking care of us all. Christiana is modeling her new clothes without realizing it. She loves everything, so she has created an outfit so she can wear it all... :)
Puggers is looking under the tree, table, wrapping paper and everything else for food scraps... he's always hungry for our food!

Do You Hear What I Hear...
Beautiful piano music... rolling dice... dishes being put away... laughter... :) (and we can't ignore Pugsley... the dog who snores while awake)

I LOVE Christmas!

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  1. What beautiful and insightful observations. I am so glad you are getting this priceless time with your parents and siblings. These are the moments to remember...