times to remember.

This weekend was filled with fun-ness. Saturday marked my 26th birthday, {woo!} which was celebrated 3 times with eating out goodness. I had coffee and birthday cupcakes (homemade by my mama- chocolate cherry = delish!). Matt took me shopping, where someone told me I looked like Mary Ellen from The Waltons {?} and out to eat at Minerva's. It's probably the nicest place to eat in Aberdabber. They have the most delicious house salad. Omg. I could just eat that!

On Sunday we had more birthday celebrations- out to eat for steaks {Mmmm}. Monday was the hubster and I's first year anniversary. We celebrated by.. You guessed it... going out to eat! (We don't usually eat out this often- don't judge us) We had Mexican, exchanged prezzies and talked about our favs of the past year. I love him :)

What did you do this beautiful Fall weekend?

love & leaves,


a swedish wedding {part 2}

Thursday came and went. We spent most of the day in Gothenburg- a main city 45 minutes away from Alingsas. We shopped until we dropped. Almost literally. And then it was Friday. Time for mani/pedi's and to decorate the reception hall. But of course we strolled the streets and ate more delicious food :)

Seriously, you guys. The wedding was gorgeous. The church was amazing. The ceremony was fun (even though I don't speak Swedish), and the reception was joyous. I LOVE that I got to be a part of it, and I will cherish the memories made there forever until I convince my hubby to move there :)

 Sunday they had a small get together for brunch and gift opening. People in Sweden are cute gift wrappers- I'll just say that. And they're so hospitable. Basically, I love Swedes.

Our goodbyes were tear-filled and a little heart achy. No one ever likes saying goodbye. Especially when you don't know when you'll see them again. But I believe in us. We'll be together again soon!

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. Our dinner at the wedding? Moose.

love & memories,


a swedish wedding {part 1}

As promised, I'm about to show you my trip to Sweden. Warning: I took TONS of pictures. Tons. I've gone through them again and again, and still have quite a bit to show :) I mean, come on. It was Sweden for crying out loud! And it was beautiful. I mean, seriously amazing. I live there in my pretend world. And I'm never leaving.

Katie and I share a love of two important things. Coffee and shopping. Needless to say, we were very content in Alingsas (a-ling-sauce). A small city with this amazing "city center", which just happened to be where we were staying the whole time. All these sweet shops on the main level of the buildings, darling apartments and lofts above them. I mean, could it be any sweeter?!

Julia had to work for the first 2 and 1/2 days we were there, but when she wasn't working we experienced a Swedish grocery store {more different than you might think} and had a "cozy tuesday" which is usually a Friday and a Swedish family night. We made Swedish tacos. On which Julia preceded to put banana slices! Ha! We were loving it, so we made it stop so we could take a picture.

On Wednesday evening we took a little drive. 15 minutes outside of Alingsas, in to a small community among green hilly lands. Mikael and Julia have bought a home. And omg. It. is. beautiful.
Right? Yeah... not jealous at all.

Ok, loves. More to come tomorrow!!

love & fika,


O the places you'll go

You guys. I've been halfway around the world (or so it feels, at least) and back and I have SO many fun things to tell you and amazing photos to show you.

I also have a little bug + jet lag which is keeping me from having very much energy. So it may be a while. Here is a little sneak peek :)

landing in Minneapolis

landing in Amsterdam

landing in Sweden
love & travel,