a swedish wedding {part 1}

As promised, I'm about to show you my trip to Sweden. Warning: I took TONS of pictures. Tons. I've gone through them again and again, and still have quite a bit to show :) I mean, come on. It was Sweden for crying out loud! And it was beautiful. I mean, seriously amazing. I live there in my pretend world. And I'm never leaving.

Katie and I share a love of two important things. Coffee and shopping. Needless to say, we were very content in Alingsas (a-ling-sauce). A small city with this amazing "city center", which just happened to be where we were staying the whole time. All these sweet shops on the main level of the buildings, darling apartments and lofts above them. I mean, could it be any sweeter?!

Julia had to work for the first 2 and 1/2 days we were there, but when she wasn't working we experienced a Swedish grocery store {more different than you might think} and had a "cozy tuesday" which is usually a Friday and a Swedish family night. We made Swedish tacos. On which Julia preceded to put banana slices! Ha! We were loving it, so we made it stop so we could take a picture.

On Wednesday evening we took a little drive. 15 minutes outside of Alingsas, in to a small community among green hilly lands. Mikael and Julia have bought a home. And omg. It. is. beautiful.
Right? Yeah... not jealous at all.

Ok, loves. More to come tomorrow!!

love & fika,

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  1. i am sure you had the trip of a lifetime! so glad you had the opportunity to go. i love traveling...take me next time ;)