Life... Lately.

I feel like life has been crazy. I'm all settled in Brighton, and it has been so nice being closer to everything I'm involved in up here.

So... above is a blog I started a few weeks ago. And I feel like life has been WAY more crazy this last weekend.
Friday at theMill, Pastor Brady Boyd spoke. He titled the message "Five Questions", and it was SO good! He said that the first four questions should be answerable in your twenties, but that the fifth question, for most people, can't be answered until your late thirties. I believe these five questions have changed my life...

1) What are my purposes(the reason(s) of my life)?
2) ... I missed this question b/c I was in the bathroom :)
3) What are my passions(what makes my heart come alive, and causes me to be at my best)?
4) What are my values(my non-negotiables)?


5) What is my life message(my personal thesis statement; something I could speak or write about with little preparation; something you could communicate passionately and clearly)?

I believe I aleady know the answer to number 5... and seem to be having a harder time answering the other ones. All I know, is the Lord knows my future, has a plan for me, and loves me enough to get me through it all.