Today was gloomy. Chilly.. and rainy. All day I felt like I should be doing something... and everything I wanted to do was, I believe, brought out by the weather we were experiencing. I decided instead of trying to rightfully capture all I wanted to do with words, I would use these...

On this day...

I want to read my Bible,

while I drink loads of piping hot coffee.

I'm on my best creativity behavior.

And I want to catch an old movie on TV.

I want to have a dance party all by myself,

and I want to pick up something like this...

at a place like this :)

I want to eat good meals,

while I get lost in a good book.

And always, always, I want to pull the cutest, most colorful outfit together with a great pair of shoes!

Happy rainy day!


Watch out! He knows Kung Fu!

I'm so late, I debated whether or not to even write this blog. But it only seems right that I give my dad, Superman as he likes to call himself, a birthday blog.

My dad turned 49 on April 14th. It seems strange to think of him at this age... so many of my memories have him pinned at a permanent 35 ish. Joseph Allen Moslander is a man full of memories, stories, laughter and lessons. He grew up remembering everything is seems like, which makes "story time" always a delight! I definitely did not inherit a good memory from him. My dad, who is a preacher- and was at heart even for the seven years he was a police officer- is always thinking up a "great idea" for a sermon series. And quite honestly, they're always pretty creative... I can't give away too much, but just tonight he talked to me about doing one on the seven deadly sins using a famous TV Land favorite that involves a ship wreck with seven unlikely co-passengers... If you know what I'm getting at :) If not, I guess you'll just have to come to church in a few weeks or go online and listen in to hear more!

Anyway... My dad is a very gently man who is almost never loud, but a man who loves his family and most importantly the Lord with all his heart! He has passed down a lot of life lessons, stories, and Bible info... But I will always carry with me his example of loving God and His Word. And loving people for who they are. He's really good at that.

Thank you dad for everything you are. I admire you, I believe in you, and I want to be like you when I grow up! You truly are my Superman. I love you.

On the water... A place we both love with all our hearts!

Our most recent picture together. Crazy-eyed El and Ghetto-pout Jo


Post it!

I have a fascination with post-it notes. Since September I have used them in every shape and color for all kind of purposes. They are great for taking notes, giving notes... or keeping your place in a book. I mean really...

Best invention ever! Recently I was running low on post-its so I went out and bought new ones. Super bright colors... I was so excited! When I opened the package of them, to my delight a little mini package fell out. Inside contained samples of other great sticky things that Post-It makes. I was over joyed! I haven't used them yet... I'm waiting for just the right thing to stick them to...