My new favorite accessory! For the longest time I wore two white gold rings on my left ring finger... and everyone always thought I was married. So, recently, I decided that if I'm ever going to get married, I may need to let people know that I'm single.

Thus started the ring phenomenon. First with the simple yellow ring, bought for a couple bucks at Forever21... one of the greatest stores out there! And slowly but surely my collection has grown. I now have enough rings, all worn on my left ring finger, to wear a different one each day of the week... and I love it! Of course I don't just wear a different one everyday, I match them to my outfits... because that's what girls do.

I realize that I took off the other rings so that people know I'm single, but I'm assuming that people also know that the kind of rings I'm wearing in place of the other ones would NEVER be engagement/wedding rings. It's just a super fun way to dress up any outfit!

I also wear a ring on my right hand. Its cool and funky and I consider to be my "Right Hand Ring" like the ones advertised in magazines(Zales, I think). You know, the end of the woman-power statement reads "Raise your right hand"... or something like that. Anyway... this ring of mine was a gift from my parents. It has a tiny diamond in the middle, and a sapphire(my birthstone) on each side. It's beautiful.

Check out the blog that inspired me to write about my rings... jeanierhoades.com (my linker isn't working, but just copy and paste this into your web address bar)


My Heart Is Sad.

I made it through Sunday... but not without crying. Or more like sobbing. It happened... and I couldn't stop it. I was saying goodbye to a couple girlfriends from lifegroup when Pastor Rob Kelly came over... and then I lost it.

This moving thing, which I've decided my parents instilled in me throughout my whole life, is no fun. I really LOVE change, something I also think is because of my parents, but i HATE saying goodbye.

Tonight, I will part ways with my beautiful fam here in Colorado. The Rhoades', Powers', and Kelley's. They have no idea how much they've done for me, my soul, and my mind in my time here with them. I will forever be indebted to them. They have changed me, and they are a lot of the reason I am being changed by the Lord.

To all of you: THANK YOU! (if I could I'd tell you in every language out there) I LOVE YOU! I OWE YOU! and I WILL MISS YOU ALL TERRIBLY!