Recent Randoms

Ok you guys. I've been absent. Like in more than a physical way... My mind is in a lot of different places these days. And rightfully so in my opinion. As I'm sure you all know (from my crazy amount of posts and pictures on the matter) that I'm due with Baby numero uno in a short enough time to have me frantic. 

I mean, Baby could come today, and I'd have enough things to make it for a while... We'd be ok. But there's all those other totally unrelated things that I need want done. 

Anyway, here's a glimpse of what's been keeping me busy...

 Baby showers to die for.

 Bridal shower celebrations for a dear friend.

Crying at random things like this. (seriously, I had a meltdown)

And counting the days, duh. 

love and brain overload,