Ribbons of Joy

The other day I had the amazing chance to "ketchup", if you will, with my dear friend, Mary Jean Powers. Now, MJ has played a large roll in my life here in Colorado, and I'm not sure she even knows that. She has challenged me, taught me, laughed with me, and cried with me. She shared Venezuela with me and Honduras with me, and I am forever grateful for every minute I've spent with her.

At lunch we were discussing some of the good times I had on my very first mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico. And somehow landed on the topic of tambourines, ribbon dancing, and that both go well when paired with interpretive dance. MJ is a little bit of an expert on these things... you should ask her about it.

Needless to say, our conversation was quite intriguing and I know for certain people around us wished they could have been a part of it. Thank you again, Mary Jean, for lunch and your company. I will miss you and the way you teach the Word greatly. And I will never forget your love for pastel colored ribbons.


Things I like...

... With ketchup on them.

I figured since my blog name has the word ketchup in it, I might need to explain it. I didn't mean for it to be anything other than a fun way to title what otherwise would have just been "Catch Up With Elise". But, look how boring that is. So, I decided to tell you some of the normal, and maybe some of the abnormal things I like ketchup on.

* Hamburgers
* Hot dogs
* Scrambled eggs (this may be one of the abnormal ones)
* Brats
* Tacos (this is maybe my favorite thing to put ketchup on, and the one that gets me weird remarks and grossed ou looks)

And even though tomato soup isn't ketchup, it's kinda like ketchup, and I like it with mac-n-cheese in it :)

Thats all.