Hard times = New revelations

The last few weeks for the DTS have been so busy. But we just completed the 5th week of lectures, the topic being "Fear of the Lord/Character and Nature of God". We have thus far covered "Evangelism/Spiritual&Personal Discipline", "Spiritual Warfare", and "New Hearts"(Openness and Brokenness). Having those last couple topics back to back was really tough for some of the students and staff. So this week was a lot more easy going.
The last few weeks for me have been really tough as well, but for a lot of different reasons. All I know, now more than ever, is when you're in leadership, you are put under the microscope a lot. The Lord has been with me, though, and I am working through new things... getting to know my Lord and Savior on a whole new level. Which I love!!
The DTS as a whole is doing amazing! We will be sending out four outreach teams in the early part of December. They are going to Vanuatu, Fiji/Samoa, India/Nepal, and Thailand/Philippines. Its such an exciting thing for the students, and I love watching them learn about God and themselves so that they can go out and tell the lost people in these nations about Him. This is what I live for! :)
I am still struggling financially, so if you could help me pray for God's provision in this area of my life, it would be greatly appreciated! I can also use prayer as I continue leading this school, that I would have the Lord's heart for each student, and that He would show me how I can serve the staff.
I love and miss all of you who are not on the island terribly! Thank you for your prayers and support! Keep in touch! Oh, and Happy Halloween!