What is passion? What is it to passionate for something...about something? The dictionary defines passion as 'any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate'. So, you can love something with a passion, and also hate something with a passion. Marked by characteristics of an earlier period, passion meant 'the sufferings of a martyr'. To be a martyr...what a passion...

This question: what is passion...or more so, what is MY passion, has come up alot recently. Maybe it's because of where i am in my life, and what i'm doing. But, i am believing God to give me the answer. Because what is passion if not given by God Himself, right? I love alot of things, and i hate alot of things.

Could it be that my passion is Life?



So today was beach day. I really love this day, and especially the beach we take the students too. But, i'm not sure how i feel about it anymore. Usually my time spent at Bellows is beautiful, fun-filled, and sunny. Today, amongst those things, the water was filled with Portegiese Man-a-wars. And I had an encounter with one while wading in the water...actually, i wasn't even in the water. It washed up on the shore, right where my feet were. The tail-like stinger wrapped around both of my legs, sending a crazy and VERY painful feeling into my body. I thought at first "wow, cool...i've been stung by a jelly fish...i can't wait to tell people about this!". But after about ten minutes, i wasn't very excited about it anymore. What happens when you get stung is the sting causes your glands to swell up; either at the top of your legs or under your arms, depending on where you get stung. So i had already gone to the lifegaurd and he put some vinegar on it, when i started to feel the cramping in my upper legs...and lower back...and stomach... and i was scared. They say as long as you can breathe normally you're ok, but i started to get scared and THOUGHT i couldn't breathe. Haha. Really i was fine...and still am. But i had crazy welts on my foot and around both legs. They're gone now, for the most part...and it still is pretty cool to say... i've been stung by a jelly fish!