What is passion? What is it to passionate for something...about something? The dictionary defines passion as 'any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate'. So, you can love something with a passion, and also hate something with a passion. Marked by characteristics of an earlier period, passion meant 'the sufferings of a martyr'. To be a martyr...what a passion...

This question: what is passion...or more so, what is MY passion, has come up alot recently. Maybe it's because of where i am in my life, and what i'm doing. But, i am believing God to give me the answer. Because what is passion if not given by God Himself, right? I love alot of things, and i hate alot of things.

Could it be that my passion is Life?

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  1. Elise....your passion is living life loud, laughing, and loving. I love your passions and I love you.