school-house rock!

So I definitely should be sewing napkins for an upcoming wedding... or cleaning my house.. or putting finishing touches on gifts in the making.. However. Have you noticed how every where you look school is on the horizon? 

I'm not in school anymore, nor do I have children in school. I work in a school... but I'm not a teacher. So the school year doesn't hold that certain... heaviness. excitement. anticipation for what's to come. Ya know what I mean. But do not be fooled... This girl LOVES school supplies. Again- absolutely no reason to buy them. But I love them. 

So instead of sewing, gifting, and cleaning... I found these fun school-related items on etsy. And I fell in love.

Isn't this the perfect start to the alphabet?! {source}

And of course we all need calendars. This would definitely keep me on track.

I always wanted a book strap to carry my books. Hello Tom Sawyer! {source}

This is for my plan for global domination. Oh, I didn't tell you I'm taking over the world?

Simple. Colorful. My kind of pencil. {source}

And these would help me stay organized. Don't you just love that natural paper color with the pop of color? Me too :) {source}

Annnnd.. the end. (This reminds me of a certain friend named Stefane :) {source}

Ok, now I really should be sewing...



This week is going to be busy. But I don't mind. A very dear friend of mine will be getting hitched Saturday- and I couldn't be more excited for her and Scott! We will spend a lot of time together in these next few days- crucial days- getting all of the last minute wedding touches in place... Which reminds me.. I still have a few napkins to sew.

Here's a view from the deck- where the magic will happen.

I really love weddings. And not just the actual wedding day. I've always been a huge fan of all the festivities that come with that special day. Showers, parties, gifts.. family and friends gathered together.. Decorations. Oh, decorations... How I love thee! Often I wish I was a grand wedding-planner... with all the cool tricks of the trade and an eye for everything wedding. I can dream- right?

So for this week, here's to all of the wedding festivities and lending a helping hand where ever I can. 

I can't wait!


"Feels like Home"

That was their song. And theme for the wedding.

My sister-in-law got married at the end of June. I've been waiting to write a blog about the wedding festivities so she had a chance to see pictures. Our camera was being shipped off to NY to be worked on, so all my pictures were just snapped with my iphone. However, those smarty pants phones do pretty well :)

Laura and Jeremy live in CO and the wedding was in good ol' South Dakota. A darling little chapel in the heart of a place called Joy Ranch. It was intimate and fun. Very family oriented. All-family wedding party, and a close cousin to marry them. It was great to be a part of!

The days leading up to are always busy. {if you've been married, been in a wedding, or helped with one- you understand what I mean} I went down to Watertown a couple days early to help with things like:

Getting decor sorted through and hand selected for center pieces, covering sparkling cider bottles with personalized labels, and of course- cures for our manis and pedis :) Oh yeah- and LOTS of coffee!

I was busy making sure everyone was in their place during the ceremony, so the pictures I got at the rehearsal are all I have. But they're candid and creative- so I think they'll do just fine. Bradley Laurvick (cousin/officiant) does this great thing when it comes to the rings during rehearsal. He uses Ring Pops! Isn't that so fun?

The picture directly above is a shot I snapped during a baptism we had before the rehearsal :) It was a precious thing to be a part of.

The day of the wedding was beautiful. Everything came together- regardless of the falling cake. Laura was radiant and Jeremy knew he'd lucked out ;)

Congratulations, sis and bro! Love you guys and SO happy for you!



The Fox River 8

Seriously. I don't know what's happened. I've become completely lost in a tv show.

Prison Break.

Ever heard of it? Yeah well, I'm watching it online... All 4 seasons. I'm in the middle of Season 2... and like I've implied... I'm addicted. It's bad.

If you know hear from me in a couple days, you may need to call someone.

Just sayin.


America the Beautiful: worth celebrating

I wouldn't call myself patriotic. I'm never really up on anything political- and until recently never really cared. This 4th of July, however, it really hit me how much I take our freedoms for granted. I've decided that I don't want to be that way anymore. Taking my freedoms for granted, I mean. There are people all over our world literally dying every single day fighting for freedoms I've never been without. Thank you, Lord for the realization and help me to be thankful of them every day.

O beautiful for spacious skies.

 For amber waves of grain.

For purple mountains majesties.

Above the fruited plains!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee.

And crown thy good with brotherhood.

From sea to shining sea.

hope you had a great fourth and enjoyed a peek at mine :)



This morning I found my first grey hairs. WHAT!?

Yeah. It's finally happened. I told two good friends {who shall remain nameless}. All they could say to me was: "Welcome to the club." So much for pity.

In other news, I was listening to the radio today... That new 'boy band', One Direction came on with their hit "One Thing". Anyone heard it? Uhm! Hello Backstreet Boys "I want it that way"! Same tune- I would almost bet money on it. Who's with me?!

Also, if you know what this is about- you are my friend. 

Ok, that's all.

happy day, loves!



Remember how I mentioned way back in January how I was going to become a pie maker as my New Year's Resolution? That was a long time ago. I made an amazing apple pie months ago (you can read about that here), and had been waiting not-so-patiently for fresh berry season to make some kind of berry pie.

Well, do you also remember that holiday that came and went so quickly I barely feel like it was ever here in the first place? Oh, you're thinking of every holiday... Let me narrow it down. It starts with a Father's and ends with a Day. Did that help?

My papa was out of town for Father's Day, but we had Matt's Dad and Linda, his brother Chris and nephew CJ over for dinner. I made pie.

And let me just tell you... It was DELISH! I made a homemade crust {for the first time ever, mind you} and I think I may enter a contest. Now, I'm not usually one to toot my own horn, but I was nervous about messing it up. So when I didn't... I made sure the whole world knew it! Ha!

I know you're wondering what kind I made... Strawberry Rhubarb. Isn't your mouth just a-watering now? Mine is. When I went back and looked through the pictures I took for this blog I told the hubster I wanted another one.

So here's to many more... Because you know... Pies the limit ;)


june has escaped me...

It's July already... and I've been MIA from the blog front. SO busy with things I plan on telling you all about.

But for today, I shall sit. And sit some more. Thanks for understanding :)

Some things to look forward to? Another Pies the Limit... A Wonderful Wedding Weekend of festivities {with pictures, of course}... and more about why I LOVE my magazines.

Here's a sneak peak at the beauty of the wedding...

A perfect backdrop to a perfect wedding :)
lazy me