it's that simple.

I read REALSIMPLE Magazine. I've been subscribed for about a year and a half and couldn't tell you the amount of money I spend buying issues off the stands before that.

I love reading it. I always feel slightly less crazy. More organized. Light-hearted and not alone after reading. It really is a simple magazine {no pun intended}. The layout is perfect. Colorful and eye-catching.

One of the millions of reasons why I love it... the editor's note in the beginning. She is hilarious. Maybe she doesn't mean to be. But every time I read the note, I'm laughing and thinking to myself "Oh, Kristin. We're such good friends. I'm so glad you came over today."

Yeah. I might be crazy.

Kristin Van Ogtrop {managing editor} has her own blog on the realsimple website.


Seriously, try just reading ONE of her entries.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know about the hilarious editor's note in my life. I must continue on, however, because this issue has what looks to be like a 'to-die-for' summer drink recipe section.

found on pg. 104 in RealSimple July 2012 issue.

The things are that important in life...

Happy Sunday!

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