Today was so sunny. And I love sun. I mean, I really. love. the sun.

So i decided to make my backyard a little tanning area. I laid out a large blanket {which Chase took up most of}, brought out my big glass of water and some tune-age. Oh yeah, I was even in my bathing suit. I know right- in my backyard?! Yep- in my backyard.

Anyway, as I was soakin' up the rays, I realized how much I actually hated my itchy, grassy 'beach'. Still love the sun. Hate 'beaching' in the grass. I then spent the remainder of my time outside
reminiscing about my real beach days. When I lived in Hawaii.

{just a side note: i didn't just live there and go to the beach every day. I was working with a mission organization called youth with a mission. I just beached when I had free time}

{another side note: the above side note was really long. Sorry}

All this to say, today I really missed living near a beach. A real life beach should be in everyone's life. Right? Yeah. That's right. Let's figure out how to make that happen...

Happy Saturday to you... and to you- near the beaches of the world- I'm sticking my tongue out at you. So there. {but really it's just cuz i'm jealous. don't mind me.}

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  1. you're so right...backyard beaching just isn't the same. we're three hours from the beach now and i feel so lucky! we need to be closer to it though...we're working on that.
    a word on backyard beaching though, i've done hours and hours and hours of that in my life. i love the sun!!! when i was pregnant with jack, i would lay noah down for a nap and head to the backyard with my lawnchair and my bikini...lettin' my belly out :) i'd have a giant water bottle, 15 freezes, and a book and relax for two hours EVERY DAY until noah would wake up...then usually i'd drag him out there to play in his wading pool til i soaked up a few more rays....ahhhh, sweet memories :)