Today I had a realization.

But let's backtrack for a second.

I've always loved Jackie O. You know, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis. Yeah, her. She's beautiful. Oh-so-regal. And I've always wanted to be her. Ok, so I don't know her at all... but I want to at least look like her. And have her clothes.

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

So back to my realization. I believe Jackie and I would have been kindred gypsy spirits. I think Jackie liked herself some gypsy style and didn't even know it :) I mean, how can you deny it? She loved to tie her hair back with a scarf. And I bet if there were a lot of pictures of her wrists, she would love bracelets too. Just sayin'...

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

Ok. That's all for my totally weird and random rant. I know I'm not alone in my beliefs about Miss O... Who's with me?

happy ranting loves!

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