colorful colorado

here i am. as promised. seriously searching for motivation still. i don't know what my deal is. i'm just pooped. all day, every day.

anyway, i am really excited to tell you all about my recent trip to Colorado. i love it there. my reasoning for going was my beautiful sister-in-law is getting married, and we were celebrating her with a bridal shower last weekend! it was really fun to have family together and meet some of her fun friends :) i love meeting new people. and as you know, my amazing cousin (la prima as i like to call her) lives in CO as well... so i killed two birds with one stone and spent time with both sides of my family while there. now, mind you i was only there for a total of 5 days. with a day on each end for driving. and boy was i all over the place in those 5 short days! we (i drove down with my mom-in-law) got in thursday and spend that evening, friday day and friday night talking, planning and modeling everything wedding. as well as the scheduled shower friday evening :) it was really fun! i am that person that everyone hates at showers b/c i actually enjoy cheesy games. yeah, sorry. i can't help it.

 Then saturday morning, Stormie can to pick me up. We spent the day eating at a favorite sandwich place and shopping at the beloved Forever21- where i found some great deal, btw. Saturday evening we went to church where more family was leading worship (always love when i get to worship with family).

We then drove approx. 3 hours to a little tiny town called Holyoke to visit some dear friends for the weekend. It was SO good to spend quality time with them! We ate amazing food (of which i'm still working on getting rid of the weight from ;) and Wrex taught me how to shoot. Seriously- so.much.fun. I've already been trying to convince the hubby that I need a gun... for protection of course. ...ok, and maybe to practice shooting balloons. We saw The Avengers in a sweet 'small-town' theater as i would call it and played with chickens, ducks, horses, a cow i named elsie (Wrex hates when i name animals. haha), and picnic-ed across the NE border where i received my first sunburn of the season (yipee!)

 Monday afternoon we headed back to Brighton, straight to a park for a Rhoades' family birthday party. Gavin and Gemma's (who belong to May of MayDae) birthdays are close so we were celebrating them together :) It was great to see the fam, if even for a short while.

On tuesday, i spent the day at Stormies house (which is darling and you can read about here) and my dear friend Robbin came to visit. And guess who she brought with her? Baby Clara!!! She's just over 3 weeks old and as cute as a button... I love her. It was really good to visit with Robbin for a while and love on Baby Clara.

That evening Stormie brought me back down to Aurora where we said our {dreaded} goodbyes and i headed in to pack and hit the road wednesday.

Here are a few randoms i snapped and loved.
This is a view of where we picnic-ed. An even tinier town where there was an old flour mill turned museum. It was peaceful and fun :)

An old hydrant. I thought it was kinda cool. It reads "american darling".
Inside the museum. An original scale they used to weigh the grain when it came in.
Sister-in-law and her fiance. Menchies it yummy!

Phew! Do you feel like you're out of breath reading this? I am, and i'm just typing it. I warned you... it was a packed 5 days. And i wouldn't have had it any other way. Until next time, Colorado.

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  1. You were so busy...so much fun in five days would make me tired too.