SiMpLe LoVe

The feelings and desires I have for a man I don't even know yet should be exampled after those of my Lord, and His love.
How strange to be able to sit in oblivion to your surroundings and dream up the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Whether you have an actual person in mind, or you totally make that person up, those butterflies are there... and you find yourself sighing, and loving "love stories" so much more. Wanting to do things that you think makes you a better house keeper, child care-taker... a better person. In hopes that one day, soon, you will run into him.. maybe bump into him and lose your grip on something and as he hands it back to you... your eyes meet... and the rest, is well.. in your dreams. ha.

lord, thank you for the perfect example of love, relationship, and intimacy.

I want to be so in love with the Lord that at times I am in total oblivion, doing all I can to be exactly who He's created me to be. Knowing thats who He's in love with. I want to spend time with Him, and talk about life and love and what makes us happy. God just wants to skip rocks with us... what Simple Love.