O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

It's Matt and I's first Christmas married! And I am SO excited to spend this most wonderful time of the year with him! We recently went out to find our Christmas Tree.

Growing up, this event was a favorite. We would go get the tree. Let it fall for a day. Then, in the evening we would fill up on delicious appetizers and treats, listen to Harry Connick Jr.'s Holiday album and drink eggnog. Bring out the ornaments and get to work! My parents always bought us a new ornament- every year- so we always have a lot to get on the tree.

This year, it was just Matt and I. We went to pick out a tree. And it was still SO fun for me! I still LOVE this tradition. It ended up falling into a funny, straggly-looking thing, but I think it's the best tree ever! And boy is it FULL of ornaments!

How lovely are your branches!

'Tis the Season

I LOVE Christmas. The warmth you feel coming in from outside. The extra amounts of hot coco and Peppermint White Mocha's from Starbucks. The family time. The creativity in gift-making and giving. The wrapping. I LOVE wrapping gifts.

This year I wanted to put a fun spin on using the traditional Christmas wrapping paper, and try some new things. I had a lot of fun doing it. I bought a few spools of fun ribbon. I also had a pack of vintage ornaments I wanted to use- they were my favorite part this year. Take a look :)

As you can see I used some different papers for wrapping. Regular Christmas paper. Hymnal pages from an old hymnal I've had forever. And atlas pages. (I collect maps and atlases, so I have an abundance)

Anyway, just wanted to share one of my favorite Christmas activities! Hope you're having a Merry one!


{the urge}

What is it that draws you to the noisy toys in the store? You know the ones I'm talking about... Their specific cardboard holder is plastered with those two simple words.. "Try Me". And you just can't resist, right? Or am I the only one? ... ... Didn't think so.

Last night I went to Target with my honey... I found these:

All different kinds. I tried them. And they were SO LOUD! But I just couldn't help it... can't resist the urge.



The first weekend in December changed my life. And I bet no one- not even you- could guess what had such an impact. Are you ready for this?? I went to my VERY FIRST professional football game. And I FREAKING LOVED IT! (my enthusiasm tends to bring out intense language) It was in Minneapolis; Vikings vs. Broncos. I cheered for the Vikes {my hubby LOVES them- bad or good... mostly bad} even though, I love Colorado- and who doesn't love them a little Tim Tebow?! Right? I know!

Here we are waiting in the masses to get in. It was REALLY cold outside.

Matt's good friend got us the tickets- with AH-MAZING seats! Lower level, end zone, 11th row. So close!

Us in our gear. Waiting for the game to begin :)

A look into a bit of the game.

And of course... They have a REAL Viking!

I really had a blast, learned a lot about the game and cheered with the best of them! I also had beer spilled in one of my shoes, and made fun of the "cheerleaders" the whole game. All this to say- I still hate watching football at home. And I'm patiently awaiting our next live kick-off! In the mean time... Tebow like there's no tomorrow.