The first weekend in December changed my life. And I bet no one- not even you- could guess what had such an impact. Are you ready for this?? I went to my VERY FIRST professional football game. And I FREAKING LOVED IT! (my enthusiasm tends to bring out intense language) It was in Minneapolis; Vikings vs. Broncos. I cheered for the Vikes {my hubby LOVES them- bad or good... mostly bad} even though, I love Colorado- and who doesn't love them a little Tim Tebow?! Right? I know!

Here we are waiting in the masses to get in. It was REALLY cold outside.

Matt's good friend got us the tickets- with AH-MAZING seats! Lower level, end zone, 11th row. So close!

Us in our gear. Waiting for the game to begin :)

A look into a bit of the game.

And of course... They have a REAL Viking!

I really had a blast, learned a lot about the game and cheered with the best of them! I also had beer spilled in one of my shoes, and made fun of the "cheerleaders" the whole game. All this to say- I still hate watching football at home. And I'm patiently awaiting our next live kick-off! In the mean time... Tebow like there's no tomorrow.

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