This is the sound of my soul...

The windows are open... All the windows are open. The sprinkler is clicking. Back, forth. Back, forth. A panting dog- over heated from frolicking in the sunshine. Motorcycles loudly passing by, and kids yelling to each other from their bikes.

Do those sounds remind you of summer-time. Being a kid with not a worry in the world? Me too. And I LOVE it. Every year, I LOVE it!

Now, don't get me wrong. I love all the seasons. Ok.. maybe not Winter. Not Winter at all, actually. But I do love Fall and Spring as well. But Summer? There's just something captivating about the fast-approaching season. Even though it's short-lived where I am, there are parts about summer that seem like they will last forever. And I LOVE that.

Oh Summer... you have captured me. I know this much it true.


Happy Hunger Games!

It happened. We counted down and talked non-stop about the day. The Hunger Games movie finally came! And boy did we have a blast! It was just Katelynn and I who went together... but you would not believe the cool people we met there.

We went early, of course, to get in line. You just never know how many people could be there. And so, we were there 2.5 hours early. (yes, we are that cool) And we were not alone! Take a look at our night! P.S. I dressed up like Effie Trinket... SO fun!

First, we (Effie and Katniss) went shopping at Target. They don't have one in Dist. 12

Then, it was time to get in line :)

We met an amazing resident of the Capitol: (also, a better peek at my outfit)

And lots of people from all the Districts!

And finally, we've been let inside!!!

It was SO fun to go to the Opening Night... Katelynn.. I mean Katniss.. is the best movie partner because she loves the previews as much as I do and we love the same movie treat snacks. Can't wait for the next one! And my single review of the movie? DO NOT go if you haven't read the books. The end!

Let the games begin!


right now...

I would just like to say... Summer is coming. And I am SO excited! I LOVE summer. Bring on the 80 degree weather and the sunburns. The tank tops and shorts. {well... I don't really like shorts... but bring them on anyway!} The flowers and the smell of dirt... birds chirping early in the morning. {which is happening right now} And the feeling that you've been given one more chance, to feel like a kid again.

I know you know what I'm talking about.

Yay summer- I LOVE you!

In other news, I am trying some new coffee creamer this morning. "Southern Butter Pecan". O-M-Delish! You should probably go buy some right now if you like flavored creamers.

Ok that's all. Happy Monday, friends!


spring break blast!

Thursday was the start of the second half of my time off of work for Spring Break. And this is how I spend the whole day...

Early morning. Driving to Sioux Falls with my mom :) She brought me breakfast to eat on the way... and it matched my lipstick.

On the way this dog had a staring contest with me...

And my lipstick was on my breakfast burrito more than my lips...

While we were there we saw some pretty funny advertisement that we would NOT trust...

And we thrifted and thrifted, finding pretty little things like this:

We ate at on of my fav restaurants{Chili's}, and found a funny thing on the menu.
(notice that the title says bacon, yet it is not listed with everything else in it... hmm...

We also took a cute picture... Don't we look alike?

And then, to end the day right, we went to Barnes and Noble to drink Starbucks and read magazines that we did not pay for.

Overall is was a great day! We did lots of laughing, which is the best medicine! Yay for mother-daughter days!

Also- I have a winner to announce! As you know, promised.joy had it's first ever giveaway... and I am please to say that (drum roll please...) Marissa {a sweet friend} has been picked! This is what she wrote in her comment:
Yay! So excited for your new adventure, Elise! Being crafty is so fun. :) I'm a play-it-safe kind of girl so I haven't taken too many leaps, but it seems recently that's what I have been doing! Life can sure change quickly and the Lord can bring about amazing things!
She has won the newest item for the promised.joy Etsy shop- which aren't even listed yet! So lucky her! Here's a peak...

Isn't it cute?! A mustache chalkboard! Anyway, thank to all who entered!! I can't wait for more promised.joy giveaways in the future!! Happy Sunday, lovelies!



It's chilly this morning. Like a "it-hasn't-been-winter-but-summer-early-morning-chill". Which I guess if I think about it, if this chill is reminding me more of chilly summer mornings, then I'm ok with it.

I'd be a lot better if I wasn't out of coffee creamer. I know, I know. As avid a coffee drinker I am... I LOVE my flavored creamers! So now I am stuck with a cold glass of OJ. Which I guess is ok with me too.

Anyway, there is a semi-intellectual reason for this blog. At least in my head there is. Don't you wish sometimes that you could just connect a cord from your brain to the computer so you didn't have to figure out how to word certain thoughts? Maybe that would be kind of scary, actually... yeah. We better not invent that.

Ok, anyway... I started an Etsy shop. Let me try that again... I started an Etsy shop!!! Ah! {ok, much better} Can you believe it?! I tried not to go there... not to put myself out there like that just yet. But after much guidance counseling from a beautiful La Prima {that's my name for my cousin who has part in MayDae- she's cool.} I went for it! And I'm glad I did! Three days in the running and I've sold three banners. Yay! The fact is, I just want to make things... even if people aren't going to buy them. BUT, if people are going to buy them... then you can bet your bottom dollar I'll try selling them :)

So, why don't you hop on over to that sweet little Etsy shop of mine and have a look see? Also, this is officially promised.joy's first giveaway! Comment on this blog telling me about a time when YOU took that leap of faith and on Saturday I will choose a winner randomly!

Happy commenting lovelies!



Last month I decided to take part in a Photo-A-Day Challenge after being inspired by my wonderful cousin Stephanie, who took part in one for the month of January. (you can read about her photo-a-day challenge here and here) Like, Stephanie, I have decided to show you my photos. I had fun using instagram (an app on my iPhone) to take the pictures and it was a great way to be creative! Hope you enjoy looking as much as I did taking :)

Day #1: Your view today

Day #2: Words

Day #3: Hands

Day #4: A stranger (actually, 3 strangers and a brother :)

Day #5: 10am (I was busy reading)

Day #6: Dinner (again, I was busy reading)

Day #7: Button

Day #8: Sun (it was gloomy this day...)

Day #9: Front door

Day #10: Self Portrait

Day #11: Makes you happy (hubby and puppy :)

Day #12: Inside your closet

Day #13: Blue

Day #14: Heart

Day #15: Phone

{are you sick of this yet?? half way thru!}

Day #16: Something new (in bed before 10pm)

Day #17: Time

Day #18: Drink

Day #19: Something you hate to do (fold laundry)

Day #20: Handwriting

Day #21: A fave photo of you

Day #22: Where you work

Day #23: Your shoes

Day #24: Inside your bathroom cabinet

Day #25: Green

Day #26: Night

Day #27: Something you ate

Day #28 and #29: Money and Something your listening to (background noise of tv, and reading about pricing on etsy)

Well, there ya have it. A month in photos in the life of me :)