spring break blast!

Thursday was the start of the second half of my time off of work for Spring Break. And this is how I spend the whole day...

Early morning. Driving to Sioux Falls with my mom :) She brought me breakfast to eat on the way... and it matched my lipstick.

On the way this dog had a staring contest with me...

And my lipstick was on my breakfast burrito more than my lips...

While we were there we saw some pretty funny advertisement that we would NOT trust...

And we thrifted and thrifted, finding pretty little things like this:

We ate at on of my fav restaurants{Chili's}, and found a funny thing on the menu.
(notice that the title says bacon, yet it is not listed with everything else in it... hmm...

We also took a cute picture... Don't we look alike?

And then, to end the day right, we went to Barnes and Noble to drink Starbucks and read magazines that we did not pay for.

Overall is was a great day! We did lots of laughing, which is the best medicine! Yay for mother-daughter days!

Also- I have a winner to announce! As you know, promised.joy had it's first ever giveaway... and I am please to say that (drum roll please...) Marissa {a sweet friend} has been picked! This is what she wrote in her comment:
Yay! So excited for your new adventure, Elise! Being crafty is so fun. :) I'm a play-it-safe kind of girl so I haven't taken too many leaps, but it seems recently that's what I have been doing! Life can sure change quickly and the Lord can bring about amazing things!
She has won the newest item for the promised.joy Etsy shop- which aren't even listed yet! So lucky her! Here's a peak...

Isn't it cute?! A mustache chalkboard! Anyway, thank to all who entered!! I can't wait for more promised.joy giveaways in the future!! Happy Sunday, lovelies!


  1. So glad you had a fun day with your Mama! You'll have to tell me about which shops you went visited!

    Thank you, Elise!! Love the idea of a mustache chalkboard! Can't wait to see it in person. You are too sweet. :)

  2. That mustache is so sweet! I want one! I can't wait to see the new stuff in your shop!