This is the sound of my soul...

The windows are open... All the windows are open. The sprinkler is clicking. Back, forth. Back, forth. A panting dog- over heated from frolicking in the sunshine. Motorcycles loudly passing by, and kids yelling to each other from their bikes.

Do those sounds remind you of summer-time. Being a kid with not a worry in the world? Me too. And I LOVE it. Every year, I LOVE it!

Now, don't get me wrong. I love all the seasons. Ok.. maybe not Winter. Not Winter at all, actually. But I do love Fall and Spring as well. But Summer? There's just something captivating about the fast-approaching season. Even though it's short-lived where I am, there are parts about summer that seem like they will last forever. And I LOVE that.

Oh Summer... you have captured me. I know this much it true.

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  1. Spring Spring Spring! I know this...much is...truuuuuueeeee!