a little tlc

Matthew (the hubby) was gone all of last week in Colorado for some school stuff. I had to stay behind for work, with no more days off for the year, and decided I would surprise him with a little re-do. You see, Matt and his dad spent a lot of time adding on a 3-seasons porch to the back of our house when Matt purchased it (long before I came along). The porch is amazing! It's mostly windows- which I LOVE. And just has a great "come-out-on-the-porch-and-drink-iced-beverages" kinda feel to it. So, the porch was my re-do. It was already painted a happy pale yellow and ready to be decorated. However, for as long as I've known Matt, it's never really been used for much besides storage. And a storage unit it for sure became right before our wedding, when I started moving all my stuff here. This is what it looked like:
See? Not a very "come-out-on-the-porch-and-drink-iced-beverages" feel. It just needed a little tlc. And some Murphy's Oil Soap and hot water. Lots of hot water. And sweeping and mopping times a million. (which my momma is real good at.. she came and helped) And here is the finished product:
Isn't she a beaut? The greatest thing? We already had everything needed to make it look gooood. A few bucks for some pretty flowers and herbs, and that was that. I love it! And so did Matt :) Here are some close-ups!
I've got a 5-day weekend... it's very possible I'm going to find another re-do for myself. And I'm so excited about that! Happy Easter, lovelies!


  1. I seriously am dreaming of the day that I can come and drink coffee with you on this AMAZING porch! I love it - it looks so great...well done:-)

  2. Wow Elise! This is fantasmic! :) I love the globe and magazines - perfect place for getting caught up on Vogue.

    Stephanie May*

  3. So cute- love that dresser with the globe! I'm so jealous!

  4. So fun! That looks so cool! I love that you had everything already to make it look so great!!

  5. I love seeing the before and after. It really looks so cute.