i woke up today longing for the nations. i just spent hours looking through pictures from the places i've been and the memories made me laugh and cry and i hurt in my heart for the oppressed and weary people of our world. aren't these people beautiful? we are called to show them the love of Jesus and bring Joy in to their hearts.

Both this, and the picture below were from my time in Bangladesh. My favorite country to date.

These two are from when I was in Thailand. Above- a Karen (origin: Burma) woman showing off her hand-woven blankets. Below- school kids chasing bubbles :)

Oscar loved my sunglasses. He was a sweet, sweet boy. Both of these are from my time spent in Venezuela at an orphanage. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could.

I always love seeing the stands and markets in other countries. A kind of simplicity about it that I like. From my time in Honduras- at another orphanage.

In Peru- this day was not on our "schedule". We just made a trip in to the slums and played with some kids. My favorite day of the whole trip. Below you can see the stairs on a church just stop mid-air. This indicates how high the water gets in the rainy season. Many lose homes and loved ones at that time of year from all the water.
{I'm missing pictures from Taiwan, China, and Mexico. But I have been pondering memories from those trips as well}

What tugs at your heart-strings?

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