I recently caught Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland on TV. I never liked the movie as a little girl- the Disney version, I mean. But this one is very pleasing to the eyes. The imagination that went in to it astounds me. The costumes and makeup- the best part, in my opinion. See- how could you not be intrigued? 

{I borrowed all these pictures from here}

I found a few things while browsing the world wide web... And was inspired a little :)

This Alice inspired vintage dress is darling! {source}
This gorgeous ring would definitely NOT fit in my jewelry box! {source}
This tutorial is perfect for those Alice curls :) {source}
This vintage print is so pretty {source}
Fashion inspired by the Mad Hatter {source}
And of course the Mad Hatter makes everyone want to drink tea our of pretty cups {source}
A vintage dress fit for a Queen {source}
This ornament would fit perfectly right on top of my head {source}

So, are you inspired now? What movie inspires your fashion and decor?

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