it's thursday.

Already. And I had every intention to write about my crazy, birthday-filled, weekend. And it's already Thursday... Better late than never, I spose.

April is a busy birthday month for me. Three of my favorite people in my life have birthdays right after one another. 
My dad's birthday, April 14th, was last Saturday. We {Matt and I} are in the process of residing our house and Saturday was mostly that. Ok, so maybe I'M not residing... Just cheering from the side lines. But I think you get what I mean. So, for the evening we had my siblings and Dad over. We just grilled hamburgers and had chips and fruit and homemade cookies :) It was simple, and good. I really love my dad. We share so many views on life and the world. This past year has been a battle for him {and the whole family, for that matter}, and I'm rooting for him. Sometimes, as much as we don't like it, that's all we can do. He's 51 years young and will always be worth celebrating in my eyes. I love you dad!

Dad and I on his birthday.

Sunday, April 15th- or as most people would say, "Tax Day", is my hermosa prima's birthday. That means beautiful cousin, btw. And she really is beautiful. And I love her. We could probably facetime for hours... ok, we DO facetime for hours. Ha! But we always have a great time together and always get a good laugh in. She has been a rock in my life since I moved to Denver in 2009. I hate that we don't still live so close, but am SO thankful for the friendship that was formed over the year and a half that we did. She is amazing and creative (she's the one that blogs and etsys with her sister) and this world is better because of her. I love you, la prima! {and in case you're wondering, her real name is Stormie}

I was so blessed to have her stand up for me :)

 And then, as we come to a birthday weekend conclusion, I will say... Monday was my wonderful husbands birthday. I love him with all my heart. And I celebrate him every day, so in some ways, this day was no different. Again, he was busy working on the house, and I had work. But there were extra hugs and kisses and some time just sitting together at the end of the day. Sometimes that's just the best way to celebrate someone. He is SO worth celebrating, and if it weren't up to him {since it's his birthday, he gets a say... i guess} I would throw a huge party! I like my man... and I want to show him off! But Matthew would prefer not to be the center of attention... something I don't understand at all... and I can't be mad about that. I love you, Matt, my love and best friend, forever.

Summer of 2011. Playing yard games with my fam :)
Happy thursday! Take today to show the ones you love they're worth celebrating!


  1. Yay for April birthdays! Thanks for including me in your list of favorite people, I am truly honored:-) Love you SO much - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Matt and Uncle Joe!!

  2. Sweet blog, Elise. You are good at honoring those you love. And that makes people happy.