A painter's {heart}

Wednesday evening I went to an amazing art reception for a friend of mine. She is great, beautiful, and really has an amazing heart and gifted hand for art. This is what she majored in, and anyone who sees anything she's done wouldn't be able to argue that it's what the Lord had in store for her when He knit her together :)
Terra will graduate in May, and has a few things she's looking in to as far as her "future" goes. But this is what I know for sure- she will do outstanding things for the Kingdom of God. She has a huge heart for the lost, and those trapped in the sex trade that is becoming an epidemic all over our world. This is what drives her hand for most of her art, and that is why- I think- they are so intriguing. It's so cool to see how the Lord speaks in her and through her, and how the Lord uses her art to tug at your own heart. 

Terra and I have been doing a Beth Moore Bible study {along with a few other ladies} on the Fruit of the Spirit. It may not have been her first inspiration for some of her paintings, but it was cool for me to see hem appear on the side of quite a few pieces :) 

Seriously- SO talented. 

This one is called "Resilience". Loved that.

And my personal favorite? This one:
 Isn't it beautiful? I LOVE the colors soo much... It probably should live in my house.

So, needless to say, I saw some pretty amazing art on Wednesday. If you would like more information about Terra's art, or would like to purchase any of the paintings you see above you can get in touch with her on facebook or email her at teburley@hotmail.com.

Happy art-making, my friends!

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