Happy Hunger Games!

It happened. We counted down and talked non-stop about the day. The Hunger Games movie finally came! And boy did we have a blast! It was just Katelynn and I who went together... but you would not believe the cool people we met there.

We went early, of course, to get in line. You just never know how many people could be there. And so, we were there 2.5 hours early. (yes, we are that cool) And we were not alone! Take a look at our night! P.S. I dressed up like Effie Trinket... SO fun!

First, we (Effie and Katniss) went shopping at Target. They don't have one in Dist. 12

Then, it was time to get in line :)

We met an amazing resident of the Capitol: (also, a better peek at my outfit)

And lots of people from all the Districts!

And finally, we've been let inside!!!

It was SO fun to go to the Opening Night... Katelynn.. I mean Katniss.. is the best movie partner because she loves the previews as much as I do and we love the same movie treat snacks. Can't wait for the next one! And my single review of the movie? DO NOT go if you haven't read the books. The end!

Let the games begin!


  1. I must say, that was an amazing night!

  2. I am almost done with the first book. Going on Friday. Maybe I'll even dress up. Or maybe not, that might be the better idea.

  3. Eee! I'm going tomorrow night and I can't wait!!