It's chilly this morning. Like a "it-hasn't-been-winter-but-summer-early-morning-chill". Which I guess if I think about it, if this chill is reminding me more of chilly summer mornings, then I'm ok with it.

I'd be a lot better if I wasn't out of coffee creamer. I know, I know. As avid a coffee drinker I am... I LOVE my flavored creamers! So now I am stuck with a cold glass of OJ. Which I guess is ok with me too.

Anyway, there is a semi-intellectual reason for this blog. At least in my head there is. Don't you wish sometimes that you could just connect a cord from your brain to the computer so you didn't have to figure out how to word certain thoughts? Maybe that would be kind of scary, actually... yeah. We better not invent that.

Ok, anyway... I started an Etsy shop. Let me try that again... I started an Etsy shop!!! Ah! {ok, much better} Can you believe it?! I tried not to go there... not to put myself out there like that just yet. But after much guidance counseling from a beautiful La Prima {that's my name for my cousin who has part in MayDae- she's cool.} I went for it! And I'm glad I did! Three days in the running and I've sold three banners. Yay! The fact is, I just want to make things... even if people aren't going to buy them. BUT, if people are going to buy them... then you can bet your bottom dollar I'll try selling them :)

So, why don't you hop on over to that sweet little Etsy shop of mine and have a look see? Also, this is officially promised.joy's first giveaway! Comment on this blog telling me about a time when YOU took that leap of faith and on Saturday I will choose a winner randomly!

Happy commenting lovelies!


  1. Yay! So excited for your new adventure, Elise! Being crafty is so fun. :) I'm a play-it-safe kind of girl so I haven't taken too many leaps, but it seems recently that's what I have been doing! Life can sure change quickly and the Lord can bring about amazing things!

  2. One of the biggest leaps of faith that I have taken is when I decided to meet this boy in Sioux Falls for a date. I'd never even spoke to him in person before. It was completely out of character for me and I was SO nervous. But weeks prior to us meeting I just had a gut feeling that good things were going to come out of this, and I was right and I am so happy that I decided to meet him in Sioux Falls.

  3. What an adorable blog, sister!!! Love it!
    Although it may be silly to some, I think one of the biggest leaps of faith I've ever taken, was when I chose to go to college. Not being good at school, and not ever really loving it, that one decision was one of the hardest and scarriest ones I've ever had to make! God is good, and I'm glad I am going ;) <3

  4. You are doing such a great job with your shop so far! I definitely know how scary it can be to put yourself "out there". A few months ago I played electric guitar in Whitewater on 2 songs. I was SO nervous because it was my first time to play in front of ANYONE other than Tristan and the kids. I was so happy that I did it, but man-o-man...it freaked me out! :)


  5. Eeese! You are AMAZING and I love your spirit, it shows in everything you do and promised.joy captures it well! My leap of faith is current - I think I'm actually in mid-leap right now. I've been searching for ways to put my artwork (painting) "out there" and yesterday I saw a posting at Starbucks asking for artists to provide art based on a child's poem for a gallery/auction in April. A few emails later and I'm in! Life gets so busy and it takes some late nights and early mornings to pursue what we really love but I'm pretty sure it's worth it. Thanks for being an inspiration! ~Cacey

  6. Hey!! I totally meant to enter this last week but the comments weren't working for me:-( my leap of faith. Think a Thursday night. A boy. Convo with him and two other boys. You remember. Yes. LOVE YOU!!

  7. Hi Elise, let me first just say I am so proud of you. You are such in inspiration to many. One of my biggest leaps of faith was shutting out the world and everything they told me to do, and I dropped out of pre-med (my passion since I was 3 years old was to be a doctor) and I ventured over to Hawaii to do a dts and become a missionary. I am sooooo glad I was obedient. I was able to meet you there and get a lot of healing and now I'm still in missions and all I want to do is change the world.
    Love you girl.