Last month I decided to take part in a Photo-A-Day Challenge after being inspired by my wonderful cousin Stephanie, who took part in one for the month of January. (you can read about her photo-a-day challenge here and here) Like, Stephanie, I have decided to show you my photos. I had fun using instagram (an app on my iPhone) to take the pictures and it was a great way to be creative! Hope you enjoy looking as much as I did taking :)

Day #1: Your view today

Day #2: Words

Day #3: Hands

Day #4: A stranger (actually, 3 strangers and a brother :)

Day #5: 10am (I was busy reading)

Day #6: Dinner (again, I was busy reading)

Day #7: Button

Day #8: Sun (it was gloomy this day...)

Day #9: Front door

Day #10: Self Portrait

Day #11: Makes you happy (hubby and puppy :)

Day #12: Inside your closet

Day #13: Blue

Day #14: Heart

Day #15: Phone

{are you sick of this yet?? half way thru!}

Day #16: Something new (in bed before 10pm)

Day #17: Time

Day #18: Drink

Day #19: Something you hate to do (fold laundry)

Day #20: Handwriting

Day #21: A fave photo of you

Day #22: Where you work

Day #23: Your shoes

Day #24: Inside your bathroom cabinet

Day #25: Green

Day #26: Night

Day #27: Something you ate

Day #28 and #29: Money and Something your listening to (background noise of tv, and reading about pricing on etsy)

Well, there ya have it. A month in photos in the life of me :)


  1. LOVE this!! I have enjoyed seeing all of your photos on Instagram - I didn't know you started it because of seeing mine! <3 ya!

  2. so fun! :) i like your month!