"Feels like Home"

That was their song. And theme for the wedding.

My sister-in-law got married at the end of June. I've been waiting to write a blog about the wedding festivities so she had a chance to see pictures. Our camera was being shipped off to NY to be worked on, so all my pictures were just snapped with my iphone. However, those smarty pants phones do pretty well :)

Laura and Jeremy live in CO and the wedding was in good ol' South Dakota. A darling little chapel in the heart of a place called Joy Ranch. It was intimate and fun. Very family oriented. All-family wedding party, and a close cousin to marry them. It was great to be a part of!

The days leading up to are always busy. {if you've been married, been in a wedding, or helped with one- you understand what I mean} I went down to Watertown a couple days early to help with things like:

Getting decor sorted through and hand selected for center pieces, covering sparkling cider bottles with personalized labels, and of course- cures for our manis and pedis :) Oh yeah- and LOTS of coffee!

I was busy making sure everyone was in their place during the ceremony, so the pictures I got at the rehearsal are all I have. But they're candid and creative- so I think they'll do just fine. Bradley Laurvick (cousin/officiant) does this great thing when it comes to the rings during rehearsal. He uses Ring Pops! Isn't that so fun?

The picture directly above is a shot I snapped during a baptism we had before the rehearsal :) It was a precious thing to be a part of.

The day of the wedding was beautiful. Everything came together- regardless of the falling cake. Laura was radiant and Jeremy knew he'd lucked out ;)

Congratulations, sis and bro! Love you guys and SO happy for you!


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  1. so fun! you're going to be a pro at weddings by the end of the summer! see you sooN!