This week is going to be busy. But I don't mind. A very dear friend of mine will be getting hitched Saturday- and I couldn't be more excited for her and Scott! We will spend a lot of time together in these next few days- crucial days- getting all of the last minute wedding touches in place... Which reminds me.. I still have a few napkins to sew.

Here's a view from the deck- where the magic will happen.

I really love weddings. And not just the actual wedding day. I've always been a huge fan of all the festivities that come with that special day. Showers, parties, gifts.. family and friends gathered together.. Decorations. Oh, decorations... How I love thee! Often I wish I was a grand wedding-planner... with all the cool tricks of the trade and an eye for everything wedding. I can dream- right?

So for this week, here's to all of the wedding festivities and lending a helping hand where ever I can. 

I can't wait!

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