school-house rock!

So I definitely should be sewing napkins for an upcoming wedding... or cleaning my house.. or putting finishing touches on gifts in the making.. However. Have you noticed how every where you look school is on the horizon? 

I'm not in school anymore, nor do I have children in school. I work in a school... but I'm not a teacher. So the school year doesn't hold that certain... heaviness. excitement. anticipation for what's to come. Ya know what I mean. But do not be fooled... This girl LOVES school supplies. Again- absolutely no reason to buy them. But I love them. 

So instead of sewing, gifting, and cleaning... I found these fun school-related items on etsy. And I fell in love.

Isn't this the perfect start to the alphabet?! {source}

And of course we all need calendars. This would definitely keep me on track.

I always wanted a book strap to carry my books. Hello Tom Sawyer! {source}

This is for my plan for global domination. Oh, I didn't tell you I'm taking over the world?

Simple. Colorful. My kind of pencil. {source}

And these would help me stay organized. Don't you just love that natural paper color with the pop of color? Me too :) {source}

Annnnd.. the end. (This reminds me of a certain friend named Stefane :) {source}

Ok, now I really should be sewing...

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