Pretties for a Pretty

I think I'm finally recovered from this past weekend's wedding extravaganza! Phew! It really takes it out of me! Which I hate :P

I am SO excited to share about Samantha and Scott's wedding! She has been a close friend of mine since 5th grade (!) and we lived together when I lived in Colorado- she truly is my kindred spirit.

But before I tell you about, and show pictures from the gorgeous day... I wanted to share some fun-ness leading up to the wedding. As in- Bachelorette Party!! Woop woop! Best of all? It was a surprise! Have I ever mentioned that I love surprises? Because I do. A lot.

Shauna {Samantha's older sister} planned to pick her up for dinner... Which just happened to be at Sarah's {the sister right after Samantha} - SURPRISE! - She had no idea. So much so that she wore her younger sister's brand new shoes. Thinking she wouldn't run in to her in them... Whoops. The look on both sisters faces was hilarious. Summer glared (all in fun) and Samantha was caught red-handed. Priceless! It was a great way to begin the evening :)

We didn't plan any games or have any of those silly boy-parts shaped anything. It was simple, with good food and laughter. A night to celebrate the love Samantha has found. We had a 'make your own quesadilla' bar, stocked with veggies and soy cheese for the Vegan-bride-to-be. I tried my hand at Vegan Chocolate Cupcake. {recipe here} They were SO good. Seriously- you've gotta try them!

And of course, there were gifts. We wanted to gift things for her wedding night/honeymoon. And it was SO fun to see what she got! Sorry, but most of the pictures aren't really for everyone to see... you understand.

Sisters. Sarah, Samantha {Bride}, Shauna, Summer. (The littlest sister didn't join us, Seppy)

Christiana, Katelynn, Me, Bride, Summer, Shauna, Sarah (Photo courtesy of Katelynn)

So very happy for my friend :) Love ya girl!

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