girl just wanna have fu-un.

I'm that person who calls every friend a "bestfriend". I always have, and probably always will. But all of my besties are from different seasons in my life.

I've had three "high school bestie's" since, well, high school. One of whom I actually met in like 6th grade- but we formed out closest bond during our high school years. We have all been close since freshmen year, which puts us on year eleven of our crazy-hilarious-deep-fun friendship! Wow... I guess time flies when you're having fun!

All three of them were, of course, part of my 8-maid wedding party- Love that this is one of a million memories for us :)

     {katelynn}                    {stephanie}                     {blaire}

 Last weekend we took a trip. A girls weekend if you will. And it was a blast! This is the first time ever (!) in eleven years that we've all been on a trip together- just the four of us. Can you believe that?! Yeah, we couldn't either!

 Katelynn's sweet gramma lives in Alexandria, Minnesota on a lake {appropriately} named Little Darling.

We stayed in her cool upstairs "apartment", bought/made food, laughed A LOT, and caught up on life. Katelynn and I live in Aberdeen still, but Blaire is in Sioux Falls, SD and Stephanie is in Madison, WI... So there was a lot to catch up on!

My favorite part about these women is how different we all are. We all come from walks of life unlike the other, yet our friendship has outlasted any differences we may face.

I will forever cherish the memories made in Alex, lades, and every other one too :) Thanks for being great friends!


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