Counting down

This summer is coming to an end. And for the first time {ever} in my life, I'm really looking forward to Fall. It's always been my favorite season- because of the colors, holidays, and smells... But I LOVE sunshine- which there's usually more of in the summertime!

I'm counting down to a couple things...

In just a few hours I'll be headed to the Brown County Fair with my honey for a fun, end-of-summer tradition here in good ol' Aberdabber. The tradition is the fair- not us going. So maybe that will become a tradition :)

In five days the school year starts back up again. Meaning my job as a lunch lady resumes. Excited to see the kiddos and have more of a routine again for sure!

And lastly, I leave for Sweden in 15 days! AH! My dear friend Julia, who was in my wedding, is having a wedding of her own and I have the honor to be a part of her big day. I can hardly control my excitement :)

What are you counting down to as this summer's doors are closing?


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  1. I hope somehow, even though you were not front and center and it was julia's day, she was able to shine and glow and you were able to put a lid on your beauty and gloriousness for the length of the ceremony. :) You are so gorgeous, beloved niece.