Post it!

I have a fascination with post-it notes. Since September I have used them in every shape and color for all kind of purposes. They are great for taking notes, giving notes... or keeping your place in a book. I mean really...

Best invention ever! Recently I was running low on post-its so I went out and bought new ones. Super bright colors... I was so excited! When I opened the package of them, to my delight a little mini package fell out. Inside contained samples of other great sticky things that Post-It makes. I was over joyed! I haven't used them yet... I'm waiting for just the right thing to stick them to...


  1. Cute blog, Elise. You love everything in color. I think it is because you have such a colorful personality. Love you bunches.

  2. Oh, Elise----google "post-it-note art." You will FLIP! Did you know Mary Vigil's book is a lot about post-its? Did you know we used to have to just use little scraps of paper-with tape!!!???? The dark ages!

  3. I too am in LOVE with post it notes - I miss you my sweet friend! Love you tons!