Today was gloomy. Chilly.. and rainy. All day I felt like I should be doing something... and everything I wanted to do was, I believe, brought out by the weather we were experiencing. I decided instead of trying to rightfully capture all I wanted to do with words, I would use these...

On this day...

I want to read my Bible,

while I drink loads of piping hot coffee.

I'm on my best creativity behavior.

And I want to catch an old movie on TV.

I want to have a dance party all by myself,

and I want to pick up something like this...

at a place like this :)

I want to eat good meals,

while I get lost in a good book.

And always, always, I want to pull the cutest, most colorful outfit together with a great pair of shoes!

Happy rainy day!

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  1. Cute. Very visual. Hope that day turned out for you. Oh-oh-oh...I have just discovered really old wonderful movies on Hulu. I was just using that to catch TV show episodes I'd missed, but last night I discovered 1960s Doris Day stuff. Heaven!