a swedish wedding {part 2}

Thursday came and went. We spent most of the day in Gothenburg- a main city 45 minutes away from Alingsas. We shopped until we dropped. Almost literally. And then it was Friday. Time for mani/pedi's and to decorate the reception hall. But of course we strolled the streets and ate more delicious food :)

Seriously, you guys. The wedding was gorgeous. The church was amazing. The ceremony was fun (even though I don't speak Swedish), and the reception was joyous. I LOVE that I got to be a part of it, and I will cherish the memories made there forever until I convince my hubby to move there :)

 Sunday they had a small get together for brunch and gift opening. People in Sweden are cute gift wrappers- I'll just say that. And they're so hospitable. Basically, I love Swedes.

Our goodbyes were tear-filled and a little heart achy. No one ever likes saying goodbye. Especially when you don't know when you'll see them again. But I believe in us. We'll be together again soon!

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. Our dinner at the wedding? Moose.

love & memories,

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  1. you had me till MOOSE. that's craziness!! i wanna move there too. you are so darn cute in all these pics, girl! and julia is just a gorgeous bride.
    you know what i love about sweden?? those cute little dots above their "a's" i just love that.