times to remember.

This weekend was filled with fun-ness. Saturday marked my 26th birthday, {woo!} which was celebrated 3 times with eating out goodness. I had coffee and birthday cupcakes (homemade by my mama- chocolate cherry = delish!). Matt took me shopping, where someone told me I looked like Mary Ellen from The Waltons {?} and out to eat at Minerva's. It's probably the nicest place to eat in Aberdabber. They have the most delicious house salad. Omg. I could just eat that!

On Sunday we had more birthday celebrations- out to eat for steaks {Mmmm}. Monday was the hubster and I's first year anniversary. We celebrated by.. You guessed it... going out to eat! (We don't usually eat out this often- don't judge us) We had Mexican, exchanged prezzies and talked about our favs of the past year. I love him :)

What did you do this beautiful Fall weekend?

love & leaves,

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  1. Happy Birthday beautiful, fun, Elise. You deserve to be celebrated daily. Happy 1st anniversary, too!! I love you, Aunt Dawn