I have this entire week off from work due to Spring Break. Not really by choice, but it has been nice. Actually, with all the time I've had, I find myself wanting to start all these projects. Either around my house, around Robbin's house (lol) or this huge scrapbooking project I was supposed to already have finished. And yes, it hasn't even been started... all this to say... if money just grew on trees, I would be able to do all these projects, plus some.
I recently stated how i wished money just grew on trees on my facebook status, and these are a few responses people had for me.

Mattias(my friend from Sweden):
im not sure I do. if it did, everyone would stock up buttloads of money, which means their value would drop, and all the prices would increase. so basically the only difference it'd make is that you'd need a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a $1-double cheese burger (how I miss those!)

Holly Guaper(a friend from my DTS' wife; she's now a friend to me)
i bet those trees would be really expensive.

Rebbekka Messenger(Robbin Kelly's cool cousin)
it kinda does grow on trees....

My roommate, Samantha, also said that maybe I should just wish that money grew on one single tree that I own. I think that's the best comment so far :)

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