We're havin' fish tonight!

Wow! God's provision is truly abundant! I officially start at DSW Shoe Warehouse on Saturday, and boy will I be glad to get out of the house! I think I'm suffering from a tid-bit of cabin fever.

Sunday night I had the oppertunity to go with my dear cousin, Tredessa, to a house church she attends occasionally. The main conversation starter was John 6, where Jesus feeds the five-thousand. After about an hour of discussing this passage and seeing what each person was getting from it, I noticed that the boy with the loaves and fish starts with five loaves. But at the end of everyone being fed, there is left overs. Five loaves of bread... again. And I thought to myself... "Not only does God provide what we need, but He provides it in abundance."

Where I am in my life right now, the one thing- definitely not the only thing- that God is teaching me and showing me is how much He provides for me. In every area of my life. And I LOVE IT! He is my Rock, my Strength, my Everything. Thank you Lord for the way you teach me, and the way you ALWAYS provide! I love you!

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