Front Porch

The porches of my life...
porches of significance.

A place that will always be 'home'. Summers at a young age, eating sunflower seeds and believing life to be so simple. Watching the big trees sway back and forth in the constant breeze... seeing the seasons change. Bringing all kinds of growth over the years. Looking through the window, into a life that has brought me to where I am today.

Porches carry memories.

A tropical surrounding claims a piece of my heart. Here there is also a constant breeze. One that smells of flowers, salt, and sunshine. I could sit forever, and sometimes do. A place for laughing and crying, praying and praising. A place I also call 'home'. Watching the Lord move through this place... that was so hard to leave.

Porches carry love.

This place sometimes feels more sideways then I want life to feel. This is a place that brings on new challenges, with an extra helping of hardships. A place that is quite the opposite of Never-never Land. But, this place is a home, where I have found friends. This place will forever remind me of the constant provision in my life. Where God has me now... and may take me from later. I know, it's all in His hands.

Porches carry futures.

-Dad, thank you for the reminder of all the porches in my life. I love you.-


  1. Can you come have coffee on our front porch today? I wish so. You write very beautifully, Elise. Keep practicing. This piece was a great way to say thanks to your dad. Love you. Mom

  2. Thanks Mom! :) I love you too!

  3. You did it! You posted again. Glory be!

    You ARE a wondrous writer!