Heart for Nations

This week was 'Missions Week'.

The main goal is to reveal more about missions to our students through videos, intercession and worship times, and a thing we like to call "Nations Night".

Intercession and worship times are already a part of the DTS' weekly schedule, but we really take time to focus on nations that people on our base have a heart for, are long-termers to, or where the outreach teams are going. It just gives the students a new heart for missions on new scales. The staff prayed that this week would be a week where multiple students get a long term call to the world. I believe God is faithful in that, and because in part of a word from the Lord for this school, we as staff really believed there would be a large number of callings to the nations from this school.

Nations Night was a blast! We had Cambodia, Thailand, China/Taiwan, India, Philippines, and Kyrgyzstan represented. Each booth set up clothes, material, food and drink, and pictures from their country. Everyone dressed up from a nation or people group and walked around booth to booth to learn about each country. We also spent time interceding for all the named countries. It was awesome to not only learn about the countries, but really ask for the Lord's heart for them.

For our speaker this week we had the famous Don Richardson! It was an honor to have him, and his wife Carol, to impart knowledge and wisdom, and hear his awesome stories. I loved hearing about his time with the Sawi people of Indonesia, and all the crazy ways he shared the Gospel with the tribal people.

God is teaching me a lot personally right now. He has me stuck in the book of Lamentations, which may be odd for some, but it's totally wrecking me! God is faithful, even when things are hard. I love it! I'm still in need of quite a bit of finances for staff fees and toiletries, etc. Please join me in praying for the Lord's provision in this area. Again, in case anyone wants it, here is my address:

2707 Hipawai Place
Honolulu, HI 96822

Love and miss you all!!!

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  1. Oh, I am a lamenter, so I LOVE Lamentations! His mercies are new EVERY morning! That is great truth and hope that breaks through!

    LOVE you, girl!