It really is crazy to think about how fast the time passes. I've been pondering this all day, and wanted to share with you.. whomever you may be... A little about this past year.

One year ago today, in just a few hours time, I was headed to a coffee date with one Matthew Leonard. Red Rooster was the place to be- they had open mic night going on. Matt's coffee came in a sweet world map printed cup (which I kept) and we talked and learned about each other for 4 hours. I left that date feeling like I was in the right place at the right time for the first time in a while.

You see, Matt found me when I wasn't looking. He found me when I didn't think I could be seen. But he found me, and saw me. And has been a rock in my life ever since.

This last year has been full of hard times. A lot of hard times. And Matt hasn't wavered. Even when I thought he had every reason to get out of our relationship, he stuck by my side. And at the end of the day reminded me how much he loved me.

The amazing thing? That I've learned how much you can learn by going through hard times with someone! I think that's great. It's hard, and sometimes easier to give up. But pressing through is SO worth it! This past year spent with him has been sweet, fun, tough, rewarding, exciting, and just the beginning to our future together :) In 18 days I will marry that Matt Leonard who took me out for coffee one year ago... and I am thrilled!

I LOVE you, Matt! Forever.


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I am so happy for you two. I love your story Elise, and and so honored to be a part of the big day! I wish you all of the happiness in the world together. Congratulations on one year together, and cheers to many more!! Love you both~

  2. i L-O-V-E this!! Congrats, you two. Can't wait for your big day!