Ringing in the New Year

I've been thinking about this New Year's stuff all day. Hearing all about people resolutions... or how they don't believe in having any. And I seem to feel differently every year. Last year I made a resolution to make pies. And I did it! And it was fun!

But today instead of a resolution, I had a realization. A little thing called a baby. Yeah, cuz I'll have one of those in a few months... and keeping up with anything is to unknown for me. And no one wants to fail at their resolutions. So instead I've decided to make myself a to-do list. One I'll enjoy checking off, and one that I can take my time checking off throughout the year.

A project to-do list. Here are a few things I've pinned {you can follow me on Pinterest here} that I'd like to actually make. Who's with me? Let's make things in 2013!

This darling fabric pouf. I figure by the end of 2013 it could come in handy. And will be darling in the nursery!
This, my friends, is a diaper clutch. I may have to revamp to fit the cloth diapers we'll be doing.

Cork boards. In the most literal sense. I've been saving corks for.ev.er.

Did you know some places- including Target- actually give you discounts when you bring in your own reusable bags? Win!
I'm finally starting to envision some living room decor including our wedding pics... Love this idea!
Aprons. Cute gifts, cute kitchen decoration, just cute.

So, friends, there you have it. My kind of-kind of not- New Year's resolution!

love & making things is fun AND rewarding!

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